Long Island warehouses can be difficult to secure because they are spread out over large areas.

In the past you needed many cameras to properly secure your facility, which meant spending a lot of money.

Now with our Full HD 1080P Security Camera System, you need significantly fewer cameras to secure your facility.

This means that Long Island warehouses can have the security they need for less.

Our SMART Surveillance Technology is made up of three main software components which are critical to providing you with the ultimate security solution for your facility.

Each component when combined together has a synergistic effect and will take the security of your warehouse to a whole new level.

First, we have Unlimited Video Storagewhich we call our Virtual Video Vault.

  • Our software will perform automatic back-ups to our secure storage facility to avoid the loss of vital video data due to hard drive failure, theft, fire, flood or natural disaster.
  • Your vital video data will be saved for a lifetime, on our secure servers, which will help you when you need to go back and review an incident that happened years ago.

Next is our Motion Alert Technology which provides you with a convenient way to know when someone enters an off- limits area (such as the bosses office, limited access area, in your facility after hours, dumpster area after hours, etc.).

  • You will be notified on your cell phone by text and/or email when an alert is triggered.
  • You will also have the option of receiving a high quality video image (from 5 seconds up to 2 minutes) from the camera that detected the motion. It will have a small file size to load fast on any device.
  • If you need to see more, you can tap in to the camera that sent you the Motion Alert and see what is going on in real time from any internet connection.
  • If you are alerted to any criminal activity, you can call the police; watch them arrive on the scene while you are in a safe location.  You can arrive after they have the situation under control to access the situation.

Finally, our System Health Monitoring puts the ball in our court. This software will diagnose the surveillance system and instantly report the status back to you.

  • If a problem is found (i.e. recording device is down or a camera is offline) our tech support department instantly gets a notification and you do too. There is no need to call for service, we already know!
  • Our security technicians will fix the problem remotely in most cases.  If needed we will contact you to set up an appointment, at your convenience, to send out a tech if we can’t fix the problem remotely.
  • Now, you no longer have to find out the hard way that one of your cameras is down or your recording device is not recording; with our advanced system you will know instantly and so will we!

To see our system in action and find out how we can secure your Long Island warehouse, contact us for a complimentary security evaluation.

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