Surveillance Systems Protect PharmaciesSurveillance systems help pharmacies protect themselves from armed robberies by deterring criminals in the first place.

The last thing a criminal wants is to get caught.

Visible surveillance cameras show potential perpetrators that you are recording whatever goes on in your pharmacy. This is enough to drive most criminals away.

As an extra precaution, have a sign posted that shows you are protected by surveillance cameras.

The more signage you have the better.

It has been proven that criminals are more likely to choose a pharmacy that has no visible security cameras over one that has security cameras in plain sight.

It is not advisable for pharmacies to have only hidden cameras because you will lose the deterrent factor, which is huge.

The real problem is that prescription drug abuse is completely out of hand; it is widespread and is the United States fastest growing drug problem to date.

Criminals, whether they are employees or strangers will try to target a pharmacy so they can get their fix.

You can greatly reduce prescription drug theft by installing a video surveillance system that has remote access (access to the internet from any internet connection).

Employee theft is a 50 billion dollar crime that affects the majority of US businesses and pharmacies are no exception.

Many employees have been caught stealing medication from pharmacies to either sell or to support their own habits.

By having properly installed surveillance system with remote access a pharmacy owner can greatly reduce the amount of medication that gets stolen.

Remote access gives you the ability to view your cameras through any internet connection in the world, any time day or night.

Surveillance camera systems provide an unparalleled protection against armed robberies and employee theft.

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