Employee Theft - $50 billion is stolen annuallyInstall a Commercial Security Camera System

Some business owners may not feel comfortable about installing a surveillance system on-premises, stating they are concerned that their employees will not think they are trustworthy, or valued. However, statistics indicate that many employees are stealing from their employers. It’s a fact: over a third of the businesses that declare bankruptcy, were placed in that position due to employee theft.

These thieves not only stole money, and merchandise, but also robbed business owners of their enterprises’ solid reputation. Looking at the situation this way, security cameras are the business owner’s best weapon against employee theft. A security camera system installation will protect not only their merchandise, but also their business’ solvency.


Employee Theft Statistics

Statistic Brain has created an informative chart which shows:

  • 50 billion dollars is stolen annually from businesses by employees.
  • 75% of employees have stolen at least one time from their employer.
  • 33% of businesses filed bankruptcy because of employee theft.

These statistics are startling. They clearly demonstrate the need to prevent employee theft or ‘shrink’ as it is also referred.

Employee Theft - 75% of employees steal

Here is a more disturbing fact: Most small businesses don’t even bother to report this type of theft in the first place, so these alarming statistics may actually be the tip of the iceberg. Here is some additional food for thought, if you are fence-sitting on a security camera system installation:

Phys.org article reported on a survey conducted by the University of Cincinnati. This article reveals that only 16% of small businesses report employee theft. So that $5,000,000,000 doesn’t even come close to the true amount stolen from small businesses. Retailers have been fighting back against employee theft in several ways. Did you know that here is a database of known thieves, according to this NY Times Business Day article? Be aware that the FTC has received complaints due to the possibility of inaccurate information. Whether this database is a viable source is questionable, however, it may prevent you from hiring a thief. It won’t help you if you currently have one working for you.

Prevent Employee Theft with a Security Camera System Installation

Employee Theft - 33% of businesses go bankrupt annually

Video surveillance has always been the most effective employee theft deterrent and will also reduce or eliminate shrink. The logic is simple: It is highly unlikely that an employee will steal if they know that there is a commercial security camera system in place.

This is why a quality commercial security camera system is your best defense against employee theft. It is also one of the best investments your company will make to ensure its future.

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