Apartment Building Video Surveillance SystemWith all that is going on today, most people would echo a resounding yes to this question.

But building owners may question whether or not they need to invest in an apartment building video surveillance system, especially if no incidents have happened at their property.

As the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

It basically comes down to the same old story; tenants want more security but don’t want to pay more in rent. Property owners don’t want to spend more money than they feel is necessary to provide an adequate living space.

The main problem for property owners is that they are leaving themselves unprotected against false liability claims.

Just one bogus slip and fall claim can literally cost a property owner tens of thousands of dollars in a single lawsuit. Not only that, insurance premiums will dramatically increase if your insurance company thinks you’re a high risk client.

The more money your insurance company has to pay out on your behalf, the higher your premiums will go.

Eventually you’ll be dropped if they have to pay out too much to cover your claims.

Then it will be difficult for you to find an insurance company to accept you, and if they do, you will more than likely pay very high premiums.

As a CCTV company in the New York Metro area, we have seen both sides of the coin on this issue.

We have seen property owners who didn’t use an apartment building video surveillance system have a very difficult time providing proof in court about bogus slip and fall claims.

In cases where information is not available to prove your side of the story, the courts usually side with the victims.

This can cost you a lot of money in both fines and increased premiums.

On the other hand we have seen property building owners who successfully defended themselves against bogus slip and fall claims because they had an apartment building video surveillance system which provided the video data proof they needed to back it up.

Therefore the bogus claims never made it to court.

These property owners were able to save themselves tens of thousands of dollars in fines and premium payments.
As an apartment building owner, you definitely want to fall in to the latter category.

Here at CCTV Services we have been helping building owners protect their properties for many years.

Video Data Storage ServersWith the addition of our Unlimited Security Video Data Storage System, better known as our Virtual Video Vault, property owners know that their video data will be available to protect them for a lifetime.

The way our system works is it securely uploads your video data from your DVR or NVR to our secure cloud data center for long term storage.

You can retrieve this data at anytime.

The reason this long term storage is so important is that every DVR/NVR system has a limited amount of storage space on its hard drive, which is usually 2 weeks – 90 days.

The length of storage time is dependent on how much video data your system records. Once you are out of storage, your data gets overwritten.

We realized many years ago that it’s only necessary to record when the camera senses movement.

This eliminates unnecessary storage buildup on your hard drive.

With our system, you will only record when movement is detected by the camera.

So if an incident does happen you can pinpoint it faster.

Since we have been working with property owners and management companies for many years, we know what it takes to secure your buildings.

First you will receive a thorough evaluation of your property by one of our company owners, not some slick salesperson.

Then once you come on board, we will professionally install our Full HD Security Camera System on your property. Our installation professionals (who are our employees, not subcontractors) go through extensive training to ensure they exceed your level of expectation.

We have a full service team to ensure that your system is fully functioning. We are here to serve you for the lifetime of your system.
Most of our business comes from referrals, which is a huge incentive for us to value our relationships with our customers and to continue to exceed your expectations.

Therefore, once we have done an excellent job for you, please don’t hesitate to refer other property owners or business owners to us. We really appreciate it.
Also, the more referrals we get the less money we have to spend on advertising and we pass that savings on to you.

This is why we win over 85% of the jobs we bid on.

To set up a free security evaluation with one of our company owners for one of our apartment building video surveillance systems click here.