CCTV Security Camera SystemsMany warehouses in Farmingdale NY find it very expensive to install warehouse security camera systems because of the of the size of their facility.

Not too long ago, sizeable warehouses needed a lot of security cameras to cover their facility properly.

Today with our Full HD 1080P Digital Technology, you only need a fraction of the cameras to cover the same facility and you will have crystal clear HD video footage too.

Anyone who has seen or owned an analog camera system knows the limitation in picture quality.

Our HD surveillance technology will not only bring you quality HD 1080P digital video footage, it will also save you money while increasing your profits in the process. 

This is truly a win-win-win situation.

As an owner or general manager of a warehouse in Farmingdale, it can safely be said that you are very interested in boosting profits while increasing security in and around your facility.

Once you install our system, you will notice that employee productivity increases just like our other customers have noticed.

Furthermore, you will be able to clearly identify individuals responsible for inventory losses.

Best of all, the quality of your new employees are likely to improve. Unproductive and dishonest employees will be turned off by visible cameras and will seek a more unsecured work environment.

Here is the some of the technology that is at the core of our SMART Surveillance Technology.

There are three (3) main software components which are critical in providing you with the ultimate security solution.

The combined synergistic effect of these components will take your security to a whole new level.

The first component is our Unlimited Video Storage, also known as our Virtual Video Vault.

  • This software came about out of our desire to better serve our customers.
  • It performs automatic back-ups to our secure storage facility; this prevents the loss of vital video data due to hard drive failure, theft, fire, flood or natural disaster.
  • We save you video data for a lifetime.  If you ever have to go back to review an incident you will can rest assured that your data is available for review.

The second component is our Motion Alert Technology.

  • This software provides you with email and/or text notifications if motion is detected after hours or in an off- limits area.
  • You can have alerts set up on as many different cell phones at no extra charge.  In addition, you can customize who receives which alerts for certain areas of your facility.
  • There is also the free option to have a video clip of the motion that is detected by the camera sent by text and/or email if you choose.
  • From your Smartphone you can access that camera or all of your cameras to see what is going on.
  • If you need to call the police because of a break-in,  you can watch everything through your cameras from the safety of your home and arrive there after the police have the situation under control.

Security Tip : Depending on the merchandise you stock it is a very good idea to have a camera on your dumpster area so if motion is detected you will be notified.

Many people make a fortune by what is known as dumpster diving.

Keep an eye out for what they are stealing, who knows; you may uncover another source of revenue that you weren’t aware of.  They say that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.  Why not turn your garbage in to your own treasure.

The final component of our SMART Technology is our System Health Monitoring.

This piece of software literally puts the ball in our court.

It is designed to diagnose your surveillance system and instantly report the status back to you.

  • The good news is if a problem is found (i.e. recording device is down or a camera is offline), our technical support team instantly receives a notification and so do you. There is no need to call for service, we already know!
  • Our trained technicians will fix the problem remotely in most cases.  Only if needed will we contact you to set up an appointment, at your convenience, to send out a tech if we can’t fix the problem remotely.

If you have ever owned a security system, you know that the only way to know if a camera goes down is to look at the monitor.

With our advanced Full HD 1080P Surveillance Systems you will know instantly and so will we!

Contact us to see our system in action; we will be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary security evaluation.

That is the least we can do for our neighbors.

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