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slip and fall lawsuit

CCTV Cameras Defend Against Fraudulent Slip & Fall Cases

Fraudulent Claims Hurt Everyone This clip from ABC’s Good Morning America describes how false insurance claims mean higher prices for everyone. They also mean higher liability premiums for businesses. NICB’s Senior VP/COO Jim Schweitzer talks about these fraudulent claims.     FIND OUT HOW CCTV SERVICES CAN HELP PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS FROM FRAUD AND LOWER

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What Should You Look for in a Security Camera Installation Company?

By following the information below, you can be confident that you are choosing the right security camera installation company to suit your specific needs. Many security companies ignore the fact that every business is unique and has special areas of concern when it comes to security. During your security evaluation meeting, most surveillance companies don’t

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3 Benefits That You Should Look for in a Video Surveillance System

When you think about business video surveillance systems, what comes to your mind? Do you think about a full HD security system with excellent picture quality? Or is it the ability to have unlimited video storage capability? Maybe being able to view your business from your smartphone comes to mind? In these cases you would

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A Surveillance System Protects Pharmacies Against Armed Robberies & Employee Theft Simultaneously

Surveillance systems help pharmacies protect themselves from armed robberies by deterring criminals in the first place. The last thing a criminal wants is to get caught. Visible surveillance cameras show potential perpetrators that you are recording whatever goes on in your pharmacy. This is enough to drive most criminals away. As an extra precaution, have

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3 Little Known Secrets: Part 2 – Increase Profits by Up-selling

Most people have heard about up-selling and how it can dramatically impact your bottom line. Did you know that Campbell Soup was one of the first companies to up-sell their soups back in the 1960’s?  During that time a can of their soup went for about 32 cents each. When they offered their soups at

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3 Little Known Surveillance System Secrets That Are Proven to Increase Your Businesses Bottom Line – Part 1

Many business owners see a significant profit increase after installing a quality security camera system. What do these business owners know about using their security camera systems that you don’t? Below you will discover the 3 main ways to use and benefit from security cameras to increase your bottom line. Increase Customer Satisfaction One of

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5 Reasons Businesses Should Install Security Camera Systems

Employee theft is a 50 Billion Dollar problem in the USA. 33% of US businesses go bankrupt annually due to employee theft. 75% of employees have admitted to stealing at least once from their employers. These statistics show the need for business owners to have eyes everywhere. 1)  Discourage Internal & External Theft Many business owners

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