Is Employee Theft Ruining Your BusinessSurveillance Systems can be used to eliminate employee theft, prevent burglaries, keep an eye on your business after hours, improve customer service, etc.

Employee theft is a 50 billion dollar problem, annually, here in the US.

With employee theft causing 33% of businesses to go bankrupt every year, Long Island business owners need to have a security system in place to protect their companies.

This problem is having a detrimental effect on our economy, here in Long Island.

By adhering to the following tips, you will ensure the highest level of protection against employee theft.

    1. Install a high quality security camera system, which allows you to see all areas of your business from one place. So if you see someone stealing, you can catch them in the act.
    2. If you have employees who work alone, make sure there are no blind spots in your security system.  Savvy thieves will find out about it and take advantage of you.
    3. Make sure your surveillance system has a recording device; this will allow you to capture any incident on video. Now you have proof for the police and if it is an employee, you have enough evidence to get rid of them.
    4. Ensure that the CCTV system you install has cameras with customizable motion detection.  This way you will be alerted if someone is in your business afterhours or in an off limits area during business hours (like the boss’s office).
    5. Your security camera system should have unlimited storage so that all video recordings are saved.  This way if you ever need to have proof of an incident months or even years later, you will have it.
    6. Having customizable/scheduled motion detection on your cameras will limit the amount of space needed for video data storage.  This will also limit the amount of video recordings you will have to sift through in case you need to see an incident that happened before.  These types of cameras only record when motion is detected.
    7. Having a surveillance camera that views your dumpsters can save you a lot of money.  Employees have been video recorded taking out, what was supposed to be a garbage bag filled with garbage.  Then later they were recorded again going back to the dumpster afterhours to remove that same garbage bag.  This happens so often that it seems common place.
    8. Wireless remote monitoring is a great deterrent to employee theft. This is a feature that more and more security systems are beginning to incorporate.  With wireless remote monitoring you can see your place of business from any camera, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  This allows you to be at your place of business even when you are not there.
    9. Most business owners question whether or not they should use hidden cameras.  Installing hidden cameras exclusively is not a good idea. By having most of your cameras in plain sight you will deter theft. A good way to use hidden cameras is in apparent blind spots. Savvy employee thieves will find these blind spots and exploit them by stealing (merchandise, time, money, etc). Knowing who you can trust in your business can mean the difference between profits or bankruptcy.
    10. Make sure that you get the appropriate camera and lens to fit your situation.  You need clear video images in case an incident happens. Keep in mind that the police can do nothing if they can’t make out the perpetrators.

The bottom-line is that theft happens when you least expect it and most often by people who work for your company.  By having a high-quality security system in place, you will be able to grow your business and profits exponentially.

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