This Agreement is entered into between you ("You" or the "Parent") and Apple Montessori Schools ("Apple Montessori" or the "Center") on July, 2015, and sets forth the rules and regulations that you agree to abide by in order to access video streaming (the "Service") at the Apple Montessori facility.

  1. In an effort to protect the interests of each Parent, their children and the Center, you represent and warrant to Apple Montessori that:
    1. You are the natural or adoptive parent or legal guardian of the child listed on the sign up form who is enrolled in an Apple Montessori program;
    2. The information You provide to Apple Montessori is accurate and complete; and
    3. In the event that any such information changes, You agree to promptly communicate such changes to Apple Montessori.
  2. You hereby understand and agree that You are entering into this Agreement for the purpose of granting You access to internet video streaming of your enrolled child(ren) in the following areas:
    1. The classroom to which your child(ren) is assigned;
  3. Although Apple Montessori has implemented maximum level security measures to protect against unauthorized access to the Center and Service (and its content), You, as parents and legal guardians, have the responsibility of protecting and maintaining the exclusive control of your connected devices.
  4. You hereby agree to never use the Service for any unlawful or inappropriate purpose, including but not limited to:
    1. any violation of the legal rights (including the rights of privacy and publicity) of others,
    2. transmission of any defamatory, harmful, obscene, threatening, vulgar, profane, abusive or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable or unlawful material, and
    3. the knowing upload or transmission of files that contain a virus or otherwise corrupted data or which cannot be distributed legally over the Service.
    4. Your misuse or abuse of the Service may result in your denial of access to the Service and/or an immediate termination of your account.
  5. You acknowledge that Apple Montessori may disclose personal information about You if:
    1. such information is subpoenaed,
    2. Apple Montessori believes a user is using the Service to commit unlawful acts or acts that endanger the health, safety or welfare of another user or the children enrolled in the Center or the general public, or
    3. Apple Montessori believes it is necessary in connection with activity that may be illegal or expose Apple Montessori to legal liability.
  6. The viewing, printing or downloading of any content, graphic, form or document from the Service grants you only a limited, nonexclusive license for use solely by You for your own personal use and not for republication, distribution, assignment, sublicense, sale, preparation of derivative works or other use. No part of any content, form or document may be reproduced in any form or incorporated into any information retrieval system, electronic or mechanical.
  7. Apple Montessori reserves the right to terminate this Agreement without notice if You no longer have a child or children enrolled in the Center or if Apple Montessori believes it would be in the best interest of the Center or the children. Apple Montessori may immediately terminate this Agreement with You if it believes use of the Service to be excessive or violates the purpose of the Service. In the event of termination of this Agreement, your connected device will be deactivated.
  8. Apple Montessori does not pre-screen content as a matter of policy; however, Apple Montessori shall have the right, in their sole discretion, but not the responsibility, to remove content that they may believe to be harmful, offensive or otherwise in violation of the Agreement or any applicable laws. Accordingly, Apple Montessori shall not assume or have any liability for any action or inaction by Apple Montessori or its affiliates with respect to content on, or content changes within the Service.
  9. You hereby agree and understand that the content posted on the Service is confidential and proprietary to Apple Montessori as it provides access to the teaching methods and teaching materials of Apple Montessori, and that Apple Montessori may incur damages, losses and costs and expenses if such content is provided or otherwise made available to unrelated third parties in violation of the Agreement.
  10. Apple Montessori permits access to content that may be protected by copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual and proprietary rights ("Rights"). These Rights are valid and protected in all media and technologies existing now or later developed and except as explicitly provided, applicable copyright and other laws govern the Center's use of the content. The content is subject to certain legal rights (including the rights of privacy and publicity) of others.
  11. Except as otherwise set forth herein, this Agreement constitutes the entire and only Agreement between You and Apple Montessori, and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements, representations, warranties and understandings with respect to the Service, its content, and the subject matter of this Agreement. This Agreement may be amended at any time, from time to time, by Apple Montessori without notice to You.
  12. Acceptance of Agreement

    You have read, understand and hereby agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement with respect to the Service.