CCTV-Services-IncThe CCTV Difference

Our clients recognize that we are passionate about providing the highest quality systems and unprecedented support, which they feel sets us apart drastically from other companies.

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Our Advantages

  • Deal directly with the Owners, Not Salespeople
  • No Subcontractors
  • Our Technicians are our Employees
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Easy to use Security Camera Systems

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Our Solutions

Today, more than ever, businesses need individualized CCTV security solutions for their specific needs that also fit within their budget.

For this reason we offer 20 variations of DVRs & NVRs which fit every budget and have the performance level needed in today’s marketplace.

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Ownership Experience

Top on our agenda is to let you run your business while we take care of all your video surveillance needs.

A system being “easy to use” is the common denominator for a successful ownership experience of a modern digital surveillance system.

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