CCTV Professional Installation-ServicesBy following the information below, you can be confident that you are choosing the right security camera installation company to suit your specific needs.

Many security companies ignore the fact that every business is unique and has special areas of concern when it comes to security.

During your security evaluation meeting, most surveillance companies don’t want you to think about most of the information below.

  • Ask for referrals (at least 20).
  • Talk to those referrals to see if the company has lived up to their promises (if not, find a new company).
  • During the meeting for your estimate, make sure they listen to and understand your concerns (don’t let them talk you into what you don’t want).
  • Ask if they are the owner of the company or just a salesperson (know who you are dealing with).
  • Make sure that they design a security camera system specifically for your business (you don’t want a one size fits all solution).
  • You should know if the company has their own installation crew or subcontractors (who will be responsible if something goes wrong, the company or the subcontractor?).
  • Be sure to find out about the warranty and guarantees upfront before you give a deposit check (it will be more difficult to make changes afterwards).
  • Ask if they have service contracts.  You should avoid costly service contracts because they often wind up costing more money in the long run. Functional, dependable systems should not require frequent service calls.
  • Do they offer Free Lifetime Technical Support? This will save you a lot of money over time (a company that offers this type of support is looking to take care of you for the long term).

Surveillance System Technology:

Choose a company who offers a variety of surveillance systems so you won’t be pushed in to a system that doesn’t suit your needs.

Confirm that they offer security camera systems with the latest technologies like:

  • Wireless Remote Viewing (which allows you to view your cameras video from any internet connection).
  • Camera-Down Alerts (which notifies you by text and /or email when a camera is vandalized or goes down).
  • System status alerts (which sends you updated reports of the status of your system’s health on a daily basis or however often you choose).
  • Unlimited Video Data Storage (which saves your critical security system’s video data for life, in case you need to go back in time).
  • Motion Alerts (when motion is detected in an off-limits area and/or at a certain time, you would receive instant notification by email and/or phone, with a snapshot and a 1 minute video clip).

Remember, it is the technology that will make your life easier not just the fact that you have a security camera system.

Just as importantly, you want to make sure that the surveillance system you choose has an easy- to-use interface.  It should only take you minutes to learn.

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