Phamacies-smSurveillance for pharmacies is of paramount importance because theft is the primary concern for your business, especially since the start of the prescription drug epidemic.

Pharmacies continuously fall victim to employee theft, armed robberies and night break-ins,  making high quality surveillance technology a must.

Here are the pharmacy theft statistics from the US Drug Enforcement Administration:

  • 46% of theft is from employees
  • 28% of theft is from Night break-ins
  • 26% of theft is from Armed robberies

These are alarming statistics and show why pharmacies need to have eyes everywhere.

Employee theft makes up almost half of all pharmacy theft.

Fortunately, surveillance technology is at the point where a pharmacy owner can view their business from any internet connected device.

This gives pharmacy owners much more control over their business, even when they are not there.

Some of our exclusive services that you will benefit from:

Unlimited Video Storage comes with lifetime storage option which will help you fight any false liability lawsuits (i.e. slip and falls) which seem to be so prevalent these days within the real estate industry.

  • Our software will perform automatic back-ups to avoid the loss of vital video data due to hard drive failure, theft, fire, flood or natural disaster.

Motion Alert Technology provides you with a convenient way to know when someone enters an off- limits area (such as a private office, maintenance shed, etc.) after hours.

  • You will be notified on your Smartphone by text and/or email.
  • You will also have the option of receiving a high quality video image from 5 seconds up to 2 minutes with a small file size to load fast on any device.
  • If you need to see more, you can tap in to the camera that sent you the Motion Alert and see what is going on in real time from any internet connection.

System Health Monitoring puts the ball in our court. This software will diagnose the surveillance systems status and report back to you.

  • If a problem is found (i.e. recording device is down or a camera is offline) our tech support department instantly gets a notification and you do too.

We have also solved the problem for you of having to call in to get service. From experience, we know that things get in the way or you simply forget.

When our technicians get notified of a problem, the first thing they do is perform a diagnostic test of your system.  If it can be fixed remotely, it will. If not, we will schedule an appointment with you to come out immediately.

To learn more about how our technology will allow you to run your business more efficiently, instead of having your business running you, contact us today for our complimentary security evaluation.