Manufacturing-Plants-2smSurveillance for manufacturing plants is extremely important.

Did you know that manufacturing plants can actually profit from a Full HD 1080 Surveillance System?

The term “Time is Money” to a manufacturing plant, it couldn’t be truer.

From employee productivity to workman’s comp to employee theft, you need to know what is going on at all times!

By monitoring your plant on a grand scale from security monitors (or even your Smartphone), you can know who works hard and who wastes time.

This will go a long way to increasing your employee productivity.

When it comes to workman’s comp, is the injury legitimate or is it a result of the employee not following proper protocol?

Full HD 1080P Cameras will allow you to clearly see what is going on.

When cameras are placed in strategic areas, you will know who you can trust.

Employee theft is a $50 Billion problem in the United States.

So, who is stealing from you?

One major benefit of surveillance technology is that it keeps most people honest and helps you to quickly eliminate those who are not.

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What to look out for:

  • Payroll “Time Clock” Fraud
  • Quality Control
  • Inventory
  • Slip and Falls