Catering-Restaurants-2smCaterers and restaurants have to be especially careful when it comes to employee theft, customer service, and false claims (i.e. slip & falls).

Employee theft can include stealing food, giving freebies to customers for larger tips, etc.

In any case, you lose money.

Additionally, your clients depend on you and your staff to provide the highest quality service, and if their expectations are not met, you lose a customer.

Having the ability to monitor your restaurant or catering hall at all times can help you determine how seriously your staff is about the service they provide.

With a quality security camera system you can keep an eye on your entire business from wherever you are.

With cameras in the right places, you can greatly reduce or eliminate inventory shrinkage, giving away freebies for tips, free meals, poor customer service etc.

In other words, the right surveillance camera system can be the difference between failure and success.

We have worked with many restaurant owners and caterers over the years.

We have helped them get back on track, contact us for your complimentary evaluation and let’s see what we can do for you.

Areas of Concern

  • Liquor at bars
  • Liquor store room
  • Walk-in box refrigerators
  • Entrance and exit doors
  • Theft of food
  • Employee drinking
  • Time clock abuse
  • Cash handling
  • Seating counts at buffets
  • Hostess at entrance
  • Slip and falls in kitchen
  • Customer slip and falls
  • Coat check room
  • Productivity
  • Linen delivery