Surveillance for Auto Dealers is a must today.

Who’s Driving Off With Your Profits?

Vandalism, internal & external theft, employee productivity, and customer service are some of the primary concerns of your business.

The median shrinkage we have found in operations related to auto dealerships is 2 – 5% of sales.

That amounts to $25,000 to $50,000 per year in a million dollar operation.

Failure to control these issues often results in a “business closed” sign.

Auto dealership owners and general managers need to know what is going on in and around their property 24 hours a day.

We have developed Motion Alert Technology that can alert you by email or text message if there is movement on your property when there shouldn’t be.

In addition, you will automatically receive a video clip from the camera that detected the motion.

The video clip can be from 5 seconds up to 2 full minutes and it has a small file size to load fast on any device.

Best of all, you can access the camera that sent the alert (and surrounding or all cameras) and see that area live.

If you see criminal activity, you can alert the police and watch them arrive on the scene.

You can keep yourself out of harm’s way by arriving after the police have everything under control.

With the right camera placement and quality security camera system you will be in control of your facility.

To learn more about how you can benefit from a CCTV Services surveillance system, contact us today.

Some Areas of Concern in Your Business

  • Monitor parts department – theft and deliveries
  • Monitor mechanics wasting time waiting for parts
  • Observe salespeople interacting with the customer
  • Protect against vandalism in car / cycle lots
  • Observe worker’s compensation incidents
  • Monitor time clock
  • Employee productivity/customer service
  • Monitor where keys for vehicles are kept
  • Vehicle theft
  • Unauthorized personnel working in bay areas
  • Theft of tools
  • Damage control of vehicles prior/during service