Unlimited Video Data Storage

Unlimited Video Data Storage can save property management firms hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly.

Property owners and managers across America are finding out that they just don’t have enough onsite video data storage on their security systems.

Many systems on the market only allow you to store about 30 days of video.

CCTV-Unlimited-Video-Data-StorageHere in NY that amount of storage is not nearly enough for property management firms, landlords or anyone that has rental properties.

The law allows anyone to file a liability claim against a property owner or manager if they got hurt on the property.

Unfortunately, a lot of times someone may get hurt near a property (or somewhere else) and try to file suit against an unsuspecting property owner or manager.

In NY the law also allows for someone to file suit up to 3 years after the alleged incident happened.

For this reason property management firms, landlords or anyone else who owns a property in NY must have unlimited video data storage capabilities.

Having video data that can back you up in a court of law is invaluable.

Here at CCTV Services Inc. we have been offering unlimited video storage services to our clients for a while.

We are extremely proud of the testimonial we received which saved our client at least $150,000 or more.

Unlimited Video Data Storage is the only way to go!

Here at CCTV we feel that having your data when you need it is of paramount importance.

If this particular client didn’t have unlimited storage there is no telling what would have happened.

Also, we regularly work with the police and FBI when they need video data to review (like in the Boston Bombing).

If you would like to know more or have any questions about our unlimited video data storage services, feel free to contact us.

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