Protect Your Video Data Now!

Just one incident where you get sued can cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket. One of our clients actually saved himself from a potential $100,000.00 + lawsuit.

Here’s what happened:

“A lady claimed she fell on our client’s property and had filed a lawsuit. She was obviously injured, but after reviewing the stored recordings, it was clear that her injuries happened in the street-not on the property like she claimed. If it wasn’t for the saved video data on our Virtual Video Vault, our client would have had a lawsuit on his hands.”

Many of our clients have already taken advantage of our Virtual Video Vault services.

Enjoy the same peace of mind and know that your surveillance video data is completely secure.

If you have any questions please contact one of our owners directly.

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Unlimited Video Storage*Best Value Yearly Subscription - All Inclusive


Includes The Following:

Unlimited Video Storage:

  • Automatic Data Backups
  • Lifetime Video Storage
  • Video Data Retrieval

Also Includes:
System Health Monitoring

  • DVR Theft Alerts by Text/Email
  • Camera Down Alerts by Text/Email
  • Motion Alerts by Text/Email

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Our Virtual Video Vault™ services include:

  • Vital offsite managed video data backup.
  • Unlimited storage of your video data.
  • Saving and retrieving of all your vital video data indefinitely.
  • Video data transferred securely over the internet.
  • A recovery request system, which allows you to have easy access of your data.
  • A history log of all retrieved data requests.

Also included is our SMART CCTV Technology.

We call this technology System Health Monitoring. Some features include:

  • Self diagnosis of the surveillance system and periodic status reports sent to you.
  • Automatic service requests sent to us (and you) when the DVR, NVR or cameras require service.
  • Automatic back-ups to avoid the loss of vital video data due to hard drive failure, theft, fire, flood or natural disaster.
  • Unlimited recording capability available for life.
  • Motion Alerts and Video Clips sent to you via text or email. Alerts you if someone has entered an off-limits area during off-business hours. Settings are fully customizable.

Common Business & Organization Benefits:

  • Fight False Liability Claims
    Slip & Fall Incidents – Know if the claims made are false or legitimate. Recordings don’t lie.
  • Fight False Workman’s Comp Claims
    Is your employee’s injury your fault or theirs? Have the proof whenever you need it.
  • Never lose important video recordings
    Your recordings will never be overwritten.
  • Always know your system is fully-functioning
    Many times the recording device or camera goes down without you knowing. If an incident was to occur during this time, you may never have proof or recording of the event. With SMART CCTV Technology, you will always know if something is not working properly and so will our service team.
  • No Need to Interrupt your Schedule to Call In  For Service
    CCTV SMART systems send service requests directly to our service department and to you in case of a malfunction. Most times our technicians are able to resolve the problem almost immediately, or will set up service if needed.
  • Eliminate Illegal Dumping on Your Property
    Illegal dumping costs millions in fines, removal cost, etc. In order to increase your profits, you must put a stop to this now. If someone is in an off limits area during an off time, you will be sent an motion alert immediately.