When the security of your business is in question, trust CCTV Services’ highly experienced professionals to perform your security system installation. Not only are our products the finest in the industry, but so are our technicians. Our installers and maintenance personnel are knowledgeable, efficient and committed to serving our clients. When our clients contact us regarding their CCTV security camera systems, we work with them to assess their security camera needs including camera placement and system maintenance.

Planning where to position cameras is a key step in a successful security camera installation. We not only help determine which areas require surveillance, but we also know to place cameras as high as possible to discourage vandalism and to provide a wider area of coverage per camera. Wherever possible, CCTV Services’ installation technicians will also look to place cameras in a sheltered place, such as an overhang. While our outdoor cameras are waterproof, providing protection for them will reduce the negative impact that rain and snow may have on image quality.

Skillful Planning is Key to a Successful Security Camera System

To provide the best video possible, it is important that the camera(s) not face an obvious, direct obstruction such as a tree or another building. Another obstruction our installers consider is street and security lighting which. Security cameras should never point toward light sources for optimal security camera system operation.

Sometimes the obvious may be overlooked. Having at least one working camera placed where it is clearly visible but not easily accessible can provide protection from some potential intruders and/or vandals.

Our installers take the time to ensure correct camera placement. They also take particular care in connecting, wiring and monitoring our systems. We’re here for you when we install your system, and whenever you have questions concerning it. Additional services we provide, that our business clients especially appreciate, are Unlimited Video Data Storage, System Health Monitoring, Wireless Remote Viewing, Motion Detection Alerts, Full HD 1080P Video Recording, and Complete Administrative Mobile Access.

Be sure to call CCTV Services to discuss your specific premises security requirements. We’re here at (631) 427-0950, ext 101. Call today and our staff will be glad to meet with you to accommodate your security camera system needs.