One again a tragedy has put the focus of the nation on school security.

School Security

While politicians and pundits debate how to best prevent acts of violence, we in the security industry are working with parents, teachers and school administrators to take defensive action. Debates will rage on in the public and private settings. More shootings will happen, more innocent people will die. How technology fits into a challenge as complex as this is our mission to understand and deploy. Those that run their schools, the mental health and law enforcement communities need our help.

CCTV Services is working with our schools to identify places where security can be enhanced or improved and integrating access systems and metal detectors, as well as direct communication systems between security, administration and classrooms. For security to be effective, there must be layers, fail safes, and back up plans. The whole culture within these facilities has to shift to a “state of readiness”. Doors must be locked and the flow of people must be monitored. Administrators must play a roll and not just think crime only happens elsewhere.

Our representatives are here to consult with you on how we can help make our schools a safe place.

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