Large enough to serve you, small enough to care!

What’s in it for you? The 5 CCTV Services Advantages:

Deal directly with the Owners, Not Salespeople

  • Many salespeople use high pressure tactics to close a sale.
  • We believe in serving a potential client, not closing a sale.
  • The owners of our company have extensive knowledge in the security field.
  • Salespeople only have the basic training that their company gives them.
  • The owners of our company will assess your needs and present you with a solution that is right for you.
  • Salespeople normally have packages that they sell – sort of a one size fits all solution.
  • The one thing we have learned by assessing thousands of businesses over the years is that there are no two businesses alike.

No Subcontractors

  • Subcontractors don’t work for the company that sold you your security system in the first place.
  • Subcontractors get paid in most cases when the job is completed.
  • The more jobs subcontractors complete in the least amount of time, translates to more money for them.
  • Subcontractors look at customers as just another job to complete.
  • Once the job is completed and they get paid, the customer is no longer their concern.

Our Technicians are our Employees

  • Our techs work for us as employees, not subcontractors.
  • Our techs care about each and every job they install.
  • They have exceptional installation and customer service skills.
  • They all have years of experience and are highly qualified.
  • They receive continuous hands on training.
  • They can communicate with you intelligently.
  • They are committed to exceeding our clients expectation and satisfaction.
  • We trust and value our technicians and they feel the same way about us.
  • It is this bond between us and our employees that keeps us strong.

Lifetime Technical Support

  • We offer tech support for the life of your system, period!
  • Our security systems are set up to alert both you and us by email or text if any problems should occur.
  • Over 80% of issues are resolved online remotely with no cost or interruption to your busy schedule.
  • We provide you with peace of mind by taking the upkeep of your system out of your hands.
  • We make sure that your system is always functioning to it’s highest ability.

Easy to use Security Camera Systems (Learn to use in just minutes. No kidding!)

  • One complaint that we frequently hear from prospective customers is that their current system is very difficult to use. We have solved that problem by inventing a user interface that anyone can learn in just a few minutes.

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