Business Security Systems are a “must have” for Long Island businesses. Not only do surveillance systems provide safety and security for your premises and your employees, but by placing cameras on the outside of your business, you are providing security for the community as well. In the event of an issue, such as an accident in the parking lot, vandalism, or even a break-in, many Long Island business owners have voiced concerns about having to waste hours viewing video footage to provide evidence to authorities and insurance carriers. This can be a time-consuming task, especially if the time of the event is unclear.

Here at CCTV Services, our Long Island security camera installations make your life easier. Our surveillance systems are standard with HD cameras and motion detection. Your system will only record when motion is detected, which will eliminate hours of unnecessary video recording.

All of our Long Island security system installations are equipped with Wireless Remote Viewing so that you can keep an eye on your business from your tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc. through any internet connection, 24 hours a day.

So, go ahead and plan that much needed vacation. With our system you can be there even when you’re not.

We Service Our Long Island Security Camera System Installations

What do you do when there is an issue with your business’ security cameras? Business owners of Long Island often reach out to us when they realize the firm that installed their business security system does not provide maintenance and repairs. CCTV Services, Inc. is different. Our systems are equipped with System Health Monitoring. This software takes the responsibility for system maintenance out of your hands and places it with us. If your system should experience any problems, a camera malfunction, or the system loses power, etc., it generates an email immediately to you and also to our Technical Department. In most cases we are able to resolve software problems remotely. In an instance where on-site service is required, we will schedule a technician to come to your facility.

Another scourge that business owners face is false liability lawsuits. These can be a real issue for many property managers and other business owners. The statute of limitations for slip and fall claims is three years, and most lawsuits do not begin until months after vital video data has been overwritten. With a standard business security system, recorded video data of the alleged incident is long gone. Once video evidence has been overwritten, there is no possibility of its recovery. With CCTV Services, Inc.’s Unlimited Video Storage services, we keep your data safe and secure for a lifetime.

Our goal is to provide security for your, business, with our Advanced Business Security Systems. To see our system in action, fill out the form in the upper right hand corner. One of our company owners will respond and meet with you to evaluate your security requirements. He will perform a walk-through and give you a verbal and written proposal upon completion. For the finest equipment and service regarding your Long Island security system installation, call CCTV Services.

We look forward to providing you with a complimentary security assessment.

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