Video Surveillance as a Service


(Hosted Optimum Surveillance Technology)

All-Inclusive Hosted Optimum Surveillance Technology Service is here!

Goal: To allow you to reap the benefits of a high quality IP camera system with our exclusive services, at less than half of the upfront cost, without ever worrying about service, maintenance or equipment replacement cost in the future. CCTV Services has created the ultimate all-inclusive affordable option to “pay-as-you-use” for your surveillance system. Among other things, you’ll see below that this is a long-term solution designed to eliminate obsolescence entirely.

Imagine the following:

  • No need for a recording device/NVR to be onsite where the cameras are installed, eliminating the risk of damage or vandalism.
  • No need to pay for service, repairs or replacements ever again.
  • Camera images as clear as your home TV, accessible from anywhere in the world and saved indefinitely.
  • An affordable, one-time fee and monthly payment per camera which includes:

Which includes:

  • Use of our Server Grade Hardware
  • Unlimited Warranty with Priority Service and Support
  • Unlimited Video Storage & Managed Back up
  • Scheduled Video Motion Alerts
  • Lifetime hardware and software upgrades
  • Brand new cameras every five years at no additional cost

Think of your surveillance needs being handled more as a “service” rather than “a capital investment”. The latter multiplies the cost of ownership. Our aim is to control those costs on our clients’ behalf which will save you thousands. There are many benefits to using the HOST Method vs. the Traditional Method of purchasing a surveillance system.

Another goal we had in mind was to offer a way for our clients to retain their previous capital to run their operations while eliminating bank interest rates for those who would have been sold traditional bank leasing.

Do the math and you’ll see that we are not asking for any interest on the money you would not have otherwise laid out.

We know that your satisfaction in our comprehensive program will keep you a client for as long as you need a surveillance solution, and for that we will both benefit justly.

Our NVR hosting program is a breakthrough, and it’s here for you!

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