TAMCO_LeasingYou have decided to acquire a new surveillance system for your facility. TAMCO has customized a lease program for CCTV Services customers. The key benefits and process of this Lease program are described below:

Benefits to Leasing:

  • You are able to acquire the new equipment today with immediate realization of all the value and benefits for your business without utilizing your capital & cash.
  • The preservation of cash allows you to respond to other business needs and growth of your business.
  • Tapping your banking resource or cash reserves uses up borrowing power and liquidity, which you may need for unexpected uses and or to support growth of your business in the future.
  • In many cases, a lease will provide better, or at minimum, the same write-offs than a cash purchase.
  • The lease payment is a fixed amount. Unlike other types of bank lines , that are variable and can change based on market conditions.
  • We are committed to make this leasing experience positive and rewarding. Your representative will be prepared, responsive, and focused on providing you with the Lease Program that is best for your business. Yes, you can expect ‘personal service” with our Lease Program.

How To Lease:

  1. Complete our one page lease/credit application.
  2. Call our representative with any questions.
  3. Choose the lease terms that best fits your business needs:

Express Lease (36 Months)

Traditional Lease (60 months)