8 Reasons Why You Need a Video Surveillance System

To say we live in turbulent times would be an understatement. Today, property damage, theft, assault, and other crimes are more prevalent than ever. This makes it especially difficult for business owners and property managers to protect their investments while also ensuring their employees, customers, and tenants are protected.

Remember when you could leave the front door of your home or your car unlocked? Well, not anymore. These days, locking the doors is just not enough of a security measure to protect a small or medium sized business, let alone a large company.

This is why more and more businesses are starting to utilize video surveillance monitoring. Video surveillance is a security measure that’s now being used by just about every type of business and organization, from fast food restaurants and clothing stores to churches, schools, and property management groups.

If you want to lower your risk and protect your property, video surveillance offers an easy and affordable way to do just that. Below are eight of the top reasons why you should install a security surveillance system.

#1. Reduce and Prevent Theft

Placing security cameras in strategic areas throughout a business can help prevent crimes such as vandalism and theft as well as break-ins. According to recent retail industry studies, the average small business loses $50,000 per year to theft. According to Employee Theft Solutions, theft costs large companies an estimated $500 billion per year. However, when security cameras are appropriately placed around your business, they can help deter potential burglars because the last thing a thief wants is to be caught on video.

 #2. View Security Footage in Real Time 

One of the most popular benefits of video monitoring is that the video feed can be viewed in real time from any Internet-connected device. This means you or one of your approved employees can monitor critical areas of the business continuously and conveniently from a computer, smartphone, or tablet at any time and from anywhere in the world. Your system can even have multiple sites communicating through the same network, with each of the camera views accessible every time you log on.

 #3. Improve Employee Productivity

When you run a large company, like a manufacturing or warehouse facility, it can be challenging to keep an eye on your employees and in some cases, this can cause productivity to suffer. By installing a video surveillance system, you’ll be able to keep a closer eye on what your workers are doing while at the same time improving communication between various buildings and departments. In addition, when employees know they are under surveillance, they tend to work harder and thus, are more productive.

#4. Resolve Business and Employee Disputes

No matter what type of business you run, disputes are going to occur.  According to a report by C.F.I.O. up to 4,821 fatal workplace injuries occurred in the U.S. in 2014. When such occurrences happen, it is usually up to the business manager to try to figure out exactly what happened and what caused the injury or death. A surveillance camera can be a valuable asset in this regard as it can provide clear video proof of the entire incident. By having a video monitoring system installed, you’ll be able to reduce workplace violence and resolve disputes more fairly.

Important note: Most states have  a Statute Of Limitations on such cases that may last longer than your video storage capabilities. This is one reason why it’s important to make sure you have the maximum amount of storage available.

 #5. Provide Evidence for Criminal Investigations

How many times have you seen a crime captured on video surveillance featured on the news? By having video security on the exterior of your property, you’ll not only be protecting your business, you’ll also be providing your immediate community with an extended security measure. In the event that a crime happens in your neighborhood or someone is stealing from the business, your video will be able to provide critical visual evidence that can assist the police investigation.

 #6. Use Of Digital Storage 

Advanced IP camera systems allow users to store all recorded footage digitally using a hard drive, network server, DVR, or an NVR. In terms of security, digital storage is ideal because it provides an easier searching capability, which makes it faster and easier to find the footage you want to review.

 #7. A Better Customer Shopping Experience

Trust and appreciation are important to consumers. By installing a security video monitoring system in your place of business, your customers will know that you take their safety and security seriously. This peace of mind leads to customers having a better and more comfortable shopping experience. Also, video surveillance also makes it possible for you to study customers’ shopping habits. This will help you make more informed decisions that will help you improve product placement and optimize store traffic patterns to the greater satisfaction of your customers.

 #8. Save Money

Video surveillance systems are a cost-efficient means of protecting your investment. These systems are less costly than hiring full-time security officers for every corner, entrance, and exit and most surveillance cameras have excellent night vision so you can enjoy around-the-clock protection. There’s simply no more affordable means of providing such thorough security and monitoring for any sized business.


While it’s important to understand that not all of your employees, customers, or tenants will feel completely comfortable being monitored, the advantages of having a surveillance system far outweigh the disadvantages. If you’re serious about increasing the level of safety and security around your business or property, then you should take the time to consider installing some type of video surveillance system. Doing so will improve the overall safety of your workplace, lower your overall risk, and protect your company’s assets.

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