Savvy business owners know that they and their officers, managers and supervisors cannot survey every aspect of their businesses all the time. During the course of the work day as well as at night and over the weekend, threats to every business (theft, vandalism, and negligent practices), can be recorded and documented using commercial security camera systems. This documentation can assist law enforcement, be used as evidence in legal recourse, increase staff productivity, consumer satisfaction and protect the business’ bottom line.

CCTV Services, Inc. provides the highest quality surveillance camera systems that we also install, service, and maintain. We work with many business professionals across numerous industries. These include:

Who Needs Commercial Security Camera Systems?

Religious Organizations

Unfortunately, houses of worship are often the target of thieves and vandals. These buildings contain valuable items that cannot easily be repaired or replaced such as stained glass windows, poor boxes, pulpits, stations, candlesticks, and even pews. The presence of a CCTV system may not only deter theft, but also prevent the costly expense to repair or replace damaged or stolen items. In the event of a break-in, a record is made for law-enforcement and insurance purposes.

Private Schools

While student and staff safety is of paramount importance, a CCTV presence will also provide a video attendance record by capturing truant activities as well as a record of unauthorized personnel entering the premises.

Real Estate Professionals

Brokers and property managers can safeguard against liability issues by installing CCTV. Not only will it provide video evidence relative to false liability claims, but also detailed real-time Smartphone alerts if anyone has accessed an off-limits area.

Hotel & Hospitality Industry

While a small percentage of guests will steal or defraud, many hotels use CCTV as a customer service and loss prevention tool to scrutinize staff behavior. Reducing internal theft and vendor fraud will increase ROI. Monitoring staff activity can also lead to greater employee productivity and increased guest satisfaction levels.


Billions in products and services are stolen from manufacturers each year by unscrupulous employees. Surveillance technology deters most staff from committing acts of payroll fraud, quality control manipulation, inventory theft and fraudulent slip and fall claims.

Warehouse and Distribution

Inventory control checks usually indicate product loss. Installation of a commercial security camera system such as the Full HD 1080P Security Camera System can pinpoint who is involved in shrink, as well as provide documentation on employee productivity, injuries and can identify negligent practices.

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