CCTV-Security-Camera-SystemsWhy do we recommend upgrading your PC based DVR when it begins to fail?

One and half years ago we moved away from PC based DVRs to standalone appliances.

Until that time, we installed thousands of PC based DVRs because the software was more user-friendly and more feature-rich than standalones. We believed our clients benefited from those differences for years even though it was more of an expense for us to maintain these machines.

Today, the standalone DVR not only caught up, but actually surpassed the software used on PCs in every category including image quality, mobile usability and overall reliability. Today and in the future, all new development favors the standalone solution except for a very few high-end and expensive applications.

Environments plays a large role in the life of any PC because of the generation of heat. Over the years, the pace of new computer technology quickened and “End of life” issues accelerated, making the support of even
three year old PCs DVR a challenge.

Benefits of upgrading your DVR:

  1. New DVR is HD ready. This means you may elect to have 1080p digital images by upgrading your existing analog cameras. This can be done by using your existing working wiring at any time in the future.
  2. Vastly improve mobile viewing and remote searching capability.
  3. Native Mac compatibility.
  4. Easier to use than ever before.
  5. Brand new two year warranty.

Rather than to continue to invest money into a PC that will need to be replaced eventually, we advise our clients to upgrade to today’s DVR technology for the best results tomorrow.