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How to Prevent Employee Theft in NY Retail Businesses

Employee theft can be hard to prevent in many NY businesses, but it can be done. The main point to keep in mind is that employees don’t steal when they know they are being watched. As a business owner, you can’t expect to be everywhere all the time (even though everyone expects you to be). This

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How to Prevent Employee Theft by Hiring Wisely

When hiring a new employee make sure that you do a background check.  Check their references and last two places of employment. Make sure that what they put down on their resume matches with what you learn during your background investigation. Once you decide to hire someone, always start them with a probationary period, 90

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A Surveillance System Protects Pharmacies Against Armed Robberies & Employee Theft Simultaneously

Surveillance systems help pharmacies protect themselves from armed robberies by deterring criminals in the first place. The last thing a criminal wants is to get caught. Visible surveillance cameras show potential perpetrators that you are recording whatever goes on in your pharmacy. This is enough to drive most criminals away. As an extra precaution, have

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3 Little Known Surveillance System Secrets That Are Proven to Increase Your Businesses Bottom Line – Part 1

Many business owners see a significant profit increase after installing a quality security camera system. What do these business owners know about using their security camera systems that you don’t? Below you will discover the 3 main ways to use and benefit from security cameras to increase your bottom line. Increase Customer Satisfaction One of

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Prevent Employee Theft

Install a Commercial Security Camera System Some business owners may not feel comfortable about installing a surveillance system on-premises, stating they are concerned that their employees will not think they are trustworthy, or valued. However, statistics indicate that many employees are stealing from their employers. It’s a fact: over a third of the businesses that

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Can a Security Camera System Increase My Profits?

Yes! A Security Camera System can increase your profits, if used correctly. First let’s start with the entitlement mentality. A lot of times the entitlement mentality sets in with long term employees. These employees helped build the business (sometimes from the ground up) and feel that they work just as much as the owner, so they

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