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Protect Your Business from Slip and Fall Lawsuits

Be SMART – How CCTV Can Protect Your Business from Slip and Fall Suits Personal injury lawsuits related to slip and fall accidents are among the most common filed against businesses and property management firms in New York. However, not every case is always based on a legitimate injury. In fact, this type of “accident”

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Remote Security Camera System Benefits

What is a remote security camera system? A remote security camera system allows you to view your surveillance cameras from any internet connected device, from anywhere is the world, 24/7. What are the benefits of using this technology? There are a number of benefits to using this type of system, such as: Business owners can

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How to Hire a CCTV Installation Services Company

Hiring a CCTV installation services company can be a terrifying proposition. With the economic recession, individuals and unqualified companies are offering security camera installation services, without having the proper licensing or expertise. Many times these individuals have lost their jobs at larger, more experienced companies. Since they can’t be hired anywhere else they get into

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Security Camera System Prices

Security camera system prices has come down tremendously. Security camera systems have become commonplace in the brick and mortar and online electronic stores. Because of this popularity, surveillance technology has become more affordable. Before you go out and purchase a security camera system based on the lowest price, just remember that all systems are not

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3 Little Known Surveillance System Secrets That Are Proven to Increase Your Businesses Bottom Line – Part 1

Many business owners see a significant profit increase after installing a quality security camera system. What do these business owners know about using their security camera systems that you don’t? Below you will discover the 3 main ways to use and benefit from security cameras to increase your bottom line. Increase Customer Satisfaction One of

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5 Reasons Businesses Should Install Security Camera Systems

Employee theft is a 50 Billion Dollar problem in the USA. 33% of US businesses go bankrupt annually due to employee theft. 75% of employees have admitted to stealing at least once from their employers. These statistics show the need for business owners to have eyes everywhere. 1)  Discourage Internal & External Theft Many business owners

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Unlimited Video Data Storage

Unlimited Video Data Storage Unlimited Video Data Storage can save property management firms hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly. Property owners and managers across America are finding out that they just don’t have enough onsite video data storage on their security systems. Many systems on the market only allow you to store about 30 days of

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Wireless Remote Access Surveillance Systems

Camera Systems for Business The value of having a CCTV Services security system protection your business is that it may be accessed remotely from mobile devices. This way, you can view your security cameras from anywhere in the world in real time. All you need is an internet connection. Remote access surveillance camera systems for

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