In NYC False liability claims are hard to fight without proof!

According to the law “NYS Statute of Limitations”, you have 3 years in which to bring suit against a property owner for a slip and fall incident from the date of the accident, provided the property owner is at fault. (Source: New York City Bar)

dreamstime_xxl_21952459-1This law presents 2 major problems for religious organizations, schools, hotels, manufacturing facilities, property management firms, etc., they are as follows:

  1. When there are no cameras present to record the events, it comes down to 1 person’s word against another. Without concrete proof in your favor, you don’t stand a chance in court.
  2. Even if you record the accident it will get overwritten in 30—90 days, unless you save it.

Here is the problem with short term limited storage:

If you don’t know about the incident and no one files an immediate lawsuit, you don’t know to save the recording (you don’t even know you recorded the accident in the first place, it just gets overwritten and lost forever).

With 3 years to file a suit and no proof, you can get raked over the coals by an unscrupulous lawyer for an accident that never happened on your property.

There are many times when people have accidents while walking on your property.

Many times these accidents occur from carelessness of the pedestrian (looking at cell phone, intoxication, etc.).

They may miss a step and fall from your staircase or trip over the sidewalk.

If they happen to get seriously injured they could try to sue you.

Without clear video footage of what actually happened, you cannot prove that the lawsuit is false.

This can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims.

When you get claims of this magnitude your premiums will go through the roof.

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