There is grant money available for nonpublic schools through the NY Safe Act, if you are eligible.

Many schools are not aware that this program exists. Those schools that have taken advantage of the grant benefit from increased school security, which provides a safer learning and teaching environment for both students and school employees. Finding out if your school is eligible and applying is easy and we can help. Let’s us walk you through it. Call now (631) 414 7093

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Every day, New York State agencies partner with local law enforcement – police departments, sheriffs’ offices, district attorneys’ offices and probation departments – to provide additional resources that allow those agencies to better serve and protect their communities. Key to those efforts are a variety of programs designed to specifically target violent and gun crime in the state’s urban centers, many of which involve partnerships with community-based programs, ranging from Boys and Girls Clubs and YWCAs to hospitals and churches and other religious organizations.


So, what is the NY Safe Act?

The New York Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013, more popularly known as the NY Safe Act is a law that was passed by the New York State Legislature on the January 15, 2013.

Governor Cuomo called this law the “toughest gun control law in the United States”.

How does the NY Safe Act apply to my school?

The State of NY has set aside $4.5 Million in grant money for eligible non-public schools to use for the purchasing of safety equipment which will increase school security.

How do I know if my school is eligible?

In order to be eligible, non-public schools must have a department-issued BEDS code, have a valid OSC Vendor ID, and have BEDS enrollment data for the current school year. Eligibility has already been determined by the state based on department data.
Let us help you find out if you school is avail able. Call (631) 414-7093 now.

How much grant money does my school receive?

When the grant was first rolled out, eligible non-public schools received $9.70 per enrolled student according to the BEDS enrollment data that your school filed for that school year.

What is special about this grant is that if you have never used any of the money that has been allocated to your school, the state has combined all three years of grant money (if that is what you are eligible for) for your school to use before the deadline.

Even if you have used all of your money from the 2013-2014 school year, you may still be eligible to receive money for the current school year.  There are over 250 schools that are eligible to receive from $10,000 up to $113,000 in grant money for the sole purpose of increasing their school’s safety and security.


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Is this process complicated?

Not at all. In fact, the application is just one page and we can help you with it.

What type of security improvements can I use this grant for?

  • External lighting to illuminate primary entrances
  • Internal security cameras
  • Access control systems
  • An intercom to speak with visitors
  • Remote electronic door unlatching systems
  • External cameras
  • Interface with the building management system
  • Central lockdown buttons, etc.
  • Screens and other devices for monitoring cameras remotely.
  • Door replacement
  • Door hardware replacement
  • Door frame replacement
  • Etc.

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CCTV Services, Inc. has worked with many schools to help increase their security.

Many schools that we worked with before the grant became available were contacted by us again, after the grant, so that they would be aware of the money that was available to them.

We also have taken the liberty of contacting other schools to make them aware of the grant.

The majority of schools we spoke with had no idea that the grant was available.

We have been in the security business for many years.

We have extensive experience and expertise working with private schools throughout the tri-state area.

Our goal is to increase the security to as many schools as we can so that an incident like that of the Sandy Hook Elementary School never happens again!

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