CCTV-NVR-Surveillance-Camera-SystemsMany business owners see a significant profit increase after installing a quality security camera system.

What do these business owners know about using their security camera systems that you don’t?

Below you will discover the 3 main ways to use and benefit from security cameras to increase your bottom line.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

One of the most overlooked ways to use a surveillance system is by increasing customer satisfaction.

Today more than ever you need to make sure that your customers are treated politely and with respect by your employees.

On top of that, you need to make sure that everyone in your company is treating each other respectfully as well

A 14 year Harvard Business Review study called The Price of Incivility discovered that people are more unlikely to purchase from a business that have an employee they think of as rude, regardless if the rudeness is pointed at them or another employee.

In addition, they found that observing just one unpleasant interaction causes customers to generalize about employees, the business, and even the brand itself.

Bottom line, by installing surveillance cameras you will greatly decrease these types of incidents from happening in the first place.  If they do happen you will be able to see who is at fault and take whatever action you deem necessary.

Your customers are the life blood of your business; make sure they are treated correctly or they will become someone else’s customers.

3 Little Known Surveillance System Secrets, cont’d…

Part 2: Increasing Profits by Up-Selling Correctly


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