Increase Profits by Up-sellingMost people have heard about up-selling and how it can dramatically impact your bottom line.

Did you know that Campbell Soup was one of the first companies to up-sell their soups back in the 1960’s?  During that time a can of their soup went for about 32 cents each. When they offered their soups at 5 for $1 their sales took off, according to, in their article Up-selling Versus Cross-selling: What’s The Difference?

Perhaps the most famous up-sell story is when McDonalds trained their employees to ask, would you like fries with that, there sales literally took off too.  Today combo meals are the norm, now you hear their employee’s up-selling apple pies or something else to increase the monetary size of the sale.

Up-selling is a method that is proven to increase any businesses bottom line if all employees are trained to do it.

Business owners can’t be everywhere at once, so how do you know if your employees are up-selling your customers correctly, or if at all?

This is where a quality security camera system can make the difference between a highly profitable year and a just getting by year.

Train your staff to up-sell and check your security camera system to make sure that they do.

In order to get the most bang for your buck, have surveillance cameras installed that have a microphone so you can hear what is being said as well.

3 Little Known Surveillance System Secrets, cont’d…


Part 3 – Examine Customer Shopping Patterns


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