Shopping Mall SecurityMost businesses don’t realize what a gold mine this method can be.

This method is more for retail locations than for any other type of business, the bonus secret at the bottom will apply to office settings.

  • When a customer comes into your store, where do the majority of them go first?
  • What aisles do they tend to frequent more?
  • What items do they pick up and then put down after looking at the price tag?
  • How many potential shoppers enter your store and leave without purchasing anything?

If you own a retail store, you instantly know the value of this information.

With this knowledge you can rearrange the items in your store to have your high profit, fast selling items in the aisles that your customers frequent most.

You can try out different items at the counter to see what your best selling impulse buys are.

You can change pricing on those high priced items to see if cutting the price down a little will pay off.

This is where security cameras positioned in the right places in your store, with the correct lens and clarity will pay off big

Bonus Secret

If you run a business in an office setting, you can install a camera at the front door by the receptionist to see how your customers are being treated.

By choosing a camera with a microphone you will be able to hear how they answer your phones, handle the calls and speak with your customers.

You will have better control over your business than ever before.


Installing a security camera system with these four little known secrets in place will increase your bottom line, year after year after year.

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